ProfCon is a different company - our value is based on 3 main theses:

These theses are dealing with customers as well as employees.
With focus on people ProfCon wants to make it clear that they are not super-streamlined "professional" consultants, where one can replace the other. Our consultants are not shelf items, but they are individual persons, and what is characterizing them, that they

It is important to give them a proper environment where there is room for the total person. Each employee is a product of different things eg:

By taking this into account ProfCon believes in getting the best people and the best working environment and thereby creating a creative environment where ideas can be tested and prepared for selling. This allows staff to create good long-term relationships with customers and become part of the client's company. This results in the customer having a consultant who is deeply committed to the customer's solution. On the other hand it is also important to emphasize that the work require something from the consultant and his way of living - it important to be able to accept:

Both the consultant and the entire consultant's family have to accept living with this - otherwise it's only a maer of time before it goes wrong.
The goal is to focus on work processes which results in the customer's employees being better and more efficient to perform their work using a tool - SAP. But for ProfCon it is important to emphasize that SAP only is a tool - a very flexible and comprehensive tool. For the customer it should be very important to keep the work processes in focus, on the other hand this also requires willingness to change.
ProfCon sees it as important to focus more on earnings more than on savings - to save money might result in killing the business. It is our experience that customers for a period in SAP projects have had too much focus on saving as deliverables. These savings are not always realized, and therefore the projects have not been seen as great successes they should have been - people often forget, the opportunities and profits, they got at the same time.

The main message here is that it should be fun and nice to participate. One of the reasons it's fun and nice,is that a lot happens. It's okay to take small steps, only make sure to take in rapid succession.




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