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Telephone: +45 30 25 87 81



contact informationer:

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Tue employed primarily to take care of the following tasks:

  • Internal IT.
  • Accounting.
  • Billing.
  • Graphical Layout.

In addition, related administrative tasks and tasks related to the graphic work.

Spare time
Tue plays pc and consol games in the spare time and has done that in about 20 years. As many computer geeks that is also through this, that he got his interest for how computers works.

In addition he is also a reat fan of manga and anime (japanese cartoons and comics), through here he also has got the interest for japanese language and to its culture.


Tue is educated IT-supporter at technical school and thereafter he has been on a course through Hedensted municipal, from where he in may 2007 joined BPC. After this he joined ProfCon a/s in 2012.

Tues competences include:

  • Installation and configuration of programs and operating system on:
    • Users pc’er.
    • Servere.
    • Linux.
    • Windows.
  • Configuration of network.
  • Trouble shooting and repair by among other things to look for knowledge on solutions for IT problems.
  • Network administration.
    • Safety set up.
    • Establishment og user profiles.
    • Set up of autorisation.