Project management

ProfCon's senior consultant Niels Henriksen has previously been employed in a position at Arla Foods amba (formerly MD Foods amba) as a full time project manager, besides his own dayly projects for one of divisions's administrative projects (primarily SAP), he participated in the development of MD Foods project culture (including building a project management training program). Niels has since entered into various project manager, part project manager, or in tandem with internal project managers.

Project management involves many phases - starting out with finding  the right resources (see the article How to choose ) in this connection ProfCon can help getting the right persons with the righ skills - furthermore ProfCon has a large experience which with benefite can be so that ProfCon is engage in close cooperation with an internal project in this connection ProfCon helps with the more SAP related issues.

Other activities related to the project management are planning, monitoring, internal as well as external communication, the last phase is so go-live and handover to business - these are things where Niels also has extensive experience which can be invaluable for the project.