Production planing for normal production as well as process production

ProfCon's senior consultant Niels Henriksen has worked with the production planning since 1992 - in both R2 and later in R3. We are talking about the complete material flow. Starting with the needs:

The next step in the process is goods issue of materials (and possibly components in back order)  then receipt of goods and time tracking. One of the places where it is important to pay attension is how to handle the special garbage (COGI) in SAP, which saves the goods that for one reason or another could not be completed.

This can both be production to the warehouse as well as to order. Furthermore we have the complete management of master data:

In relation to migration, Niels also participated in the entire conversion of the master data. Besides the standard version of the production, Niels also dealt with the process industry in connection. breweries and the corresponding master data - including PI sheets. In the same context, Niels worked with the management of secondary packaging (bottles, crates and pallets).